What the launch of SmartScore means for Smart

How the launch of SmartScore moves the Smart Building conversation on…

Cordless was delighted to join the global launch event for SmartScore – the new Smart Buildings certification from WiredScore. Here, we give a view on what it means for a rapidly growing industry.

The opening gambit was: Technology should be driven by the outcomes delivered for people.

Cordless could not agree more with the thinking behind the certification which sets a new global standard and framework for Smart Buildings.

Firstly: at the heart of a Smart Building is, most definitely, people; and secondly: strong technological foundations to support sustainable spaces that are both experiential and efficiently run.

For the first time, SmartScore gives developers and occupiers of buildings an international benchmark to identify best in class Smart Buildings that deliver exceptional user experience, drive cost efficiencies, meet high standards of sustainability and are fully future proof.

The certification has been developed “by the industry for the industry” and with a portfolio of over 70 Smart Buildings already certified globally, SmartScore is off to a good start.

In the ‘smarter’, digital age we rely daily on a data-driven culture to help us make decisions. Tech gives us transparency and is the driving force through which we can leverage AI and machine learning. We know we can have increasing control over the environmental impact and efficiency of our surroundings.

The pandemic has undoubtedly step-changed how we manage our own personal productivity. The emerging shape of a smarter hybrid ‘home-hub-club’ working model means we can connect via tech to work in the most appropriate methods and locations. Smart not only means we can optimise our working environment, we can also control our own wellness and destinies.

As for our building portfolio, we want futureproof, sustainable, secure and cost-efficient spaces. We want collaboration, connectivity, community and provision of on-demand services. We want great system integration with strong governance.

To this end, SmartScore provides a useful model for us to deliver on our workplace wish lists.

Cordless Consultants has been an active part of the WiredScore Smart Council Research Advisors for a number of years and more recently have been helping develop the framework for SmartScore, so to see it come to market is very encouraging.

The SmartScore Smart Building framework itself is based on delivering an inspirational user experience; individual and collaborative productivity; and digital connectivity.  Each of these areas is then broken down into subcategories against which buildings are rated.

The framework helps provide a roadmap that organisations can follow through for new builds or refurbishment projects to achieve a broad range of outcomes.

In marketing terms, SmartScore is a badge of honour for a new ‘alpha class of building’ for those looking to evidence their Smart Building investment. Landlords and occupiers can together capitalise on Smart Building status, using the framework to enhance mutual performance and deliver value.

What’s more, the SmartScore benchmark is scalable. So, you can start with a small part of your real estate portfolio and scale up, keeping a consistent focus on users and outcomes.

Smart is indeed the buzzword of our time and is giving all those in the real estate and construction industry an air of optimism. SmartScore has certainly developed a strong ecosystem to showcase new standards in the Smart Buildings world.

Cordless has been working in Smart Buildings for years and we are delighted to see the movement gathering pace. For anyone looking for advice and guidance on their roadmap to Smart, we are happy to help – from visioning and Smart Building gap analysis, through to system design, specification and project management.

Just a final word of warning: with everyone jumping on the bandwagon claiming their tech is smart, those looking to deliver a Smart Building can get lost in a maze of smart. Just beware of the pretenders!

Cordless has always designed building technology to best practice and is truly independent of all manufacturers, suppliers and Master System Integrators, helping developers and occupiers of buildings achieve best-in-class, best fit and best value from the chosen solutions.

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