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Project Overview

The nature of what we do as trusted Consultants means that we can’t name all of our projects, but here’s a taste of the experience of our team working in Property and Developer projects…

UK Property Manager, SW1, London

  • IT and AV Consultancy to create an exclusive new 6,000 sq.ft. club space

City of London Property base build

  • Smart Building design development consultancy for base build
  • Technology visioning and design for BMS, passive IT infrastructure and active networks to ensure core tech meets day 1 requirements

Property investment and development company, W1S, London

  • IT/AV Visioning to support the relocation to new 16,000 sq ft London HQ
  • Design and IT/AV Project Management for Structured Cabling System & AV/Collaboration Systems

Australian Real Estate Investment Trust

  • Visioning for major Sydney Developments
  • Smart Building Consultancy to form blueprint for future smart developments

Leading UK Property Company

  • Smart Building Consultancy to create desirable 433,000 sq. ft. City of London premises to lease to Occupiers

London Property Developer

  • Technology Consultancy for 251,000 sq.ft. Property Development, EC1Y
  • Design of Structured Cabling for tower redevelopment increasing height to 30 stories to let to multiple clients

British property development and investment company

  • Smart Building Visioning and advice for London development project, W1G
  • Structured Cabling to support Landlord / Developer with building development
  • ROI through service offerings harnessing Smart Building tech