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Panel discussion: Microsoft Teams Rooms not as easy as plug and play…

At this year’s ISE conference, Inavate editor Paul Milligan poses the question: ‘should we spend more time on design than installation of Microsoft Teams Rooms?’.

Stephen Barker, AV Director at Cordless Consultants joins the discussion with Steve Hudson, Project Audio Visual; and Stuart Harris, GVAV.

Stephen and his peers explain that to deliver a seamless user experience, more time should indeed be spent on both design and installation of technology, considering the scheme more holistically.

It is always better to have an early conversation in the construction and fitout process so that requirements are captured up front in plans and budgets.

Although products like Teams seem very easy to install, the room environment is key to delivery of a good user experience. Acoustics, lighting, room layout and furniture design should ideally be considered before the space is even built. Regardless, delivering the same experience is key, despite the size or the use of the room, so solutions are aligned to the space.

Looking ahead, we will start to see more intelligent algorithms and AI enabling these environments in the background, coupled with improvements in audio and de-reverberation. The outcome should be to support the user experience and deliver ubiquitous functionality, without complexity and distraction.

To hear the full conversation watch here:

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