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technology recruitment for the built environment

How do you get Technical Project Management right for a corporate relocation project?

Brian Sanchez, Business Manager, Cordless Resourcing gives a checklist for success…

Mitigate the risks of office relocations:

  • Agree priorities: urgent versus importance
  • Find the right people with the right skills
  • Don’t alienate stakeholders
  • Define a single source of truth for reporting
  • Hold regular check ins with team members
  • Have a contingency plan!

Manage stakeholder expectations:

  • Have a strategy with realistic expectations
  • Be open and transparent
  • Define boundaries and responsibilities
  • Accurate budget forecasting, timelines and reporting
  • Champion effective time management and sufficient resource allocation
  • Be adaptable and flexible

Evaluate technical PM candidates:

  • Undertake competency analysis
  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • Experience and application of lessons learned
  • Fully reference candidates
  • Look for ability to take ownership
  • Evidence of ethical and professional conduct

Prioritise soft skills in a corporate relocation:

  • Lead by example, do what you say you will
  • Show respect and trust
  • Build rapport – drive a collaborative culture
  • Communicate, motivate and inspire innovation
  • In negotiations, always honour boundaries
  • Share learnings and celebrate successes

If you’re looking for Resourcing Solutions for built environment projects, consider Project Management as a Service from Cordless Resourcing.

Cordless Resourcing is the recruitment arm of Cordless Group. As niche technology recruiters, we have 25 years’ experience supporting office relocation projects. We value quality and integrity and hold a proven track record of delivering bespoke client centric resourcing solutions on demand. We cover:

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✔ Cloud & Networks
✔ Digital & Software Development
✔ Physical & Cyber Security
✔ Data & Analytics
✔ Projects & Change

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