COVID-19 the death knell for dumb buildings

New BCO Published Report written by Nigel Miller on the Impact of Technology on the Covid-19 Workplace

Cordless is pleased to share a new BCO report written by our MD, Nigel Miller.

In the report, Nigel outlines how organisations are adapting and embracing a range of new technology to ensure that offices can comply with hygiene and social distancing measures. It states details of a range of solutions being considered, including:

  1. Desk and Room booking apps
  2. Occupancy sensors
  3. Workplace apps
  4. Touchless interfaces
  5. Visitor management
  6. The paper explains how Covid-19 has catalysed and accelerated the long-term shift to smart technology. It predicts that the pandemic could be the “death knell for dumb buildings”, meaning those that do not have smart technology integrated into their design, will not be delivering Grade A Buildings and Workspaces.

This is available to download free on the BCO website at 

Nigel will also be participating in a BCO seminar event on the subject on 8 December. If you are a member of the BCO and would like to register, it is free to do so:

If you’d like to chat about Smart Building strategy, we’d love to.


Photo by Simon on Unsplash