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Cordless leading the way in Smart Buildings with SmartScore and WiredScore Accreditation

Cordless Consultants is very pleased that our team members have gained Accredited Professional status for both SmartScore and WiredScore.

The heart of a Smart Building is people centric design; combined with strong technological foundations to support sustainable, digitally cognitive spaces that are both experiential and efficiently run.

The SmartScore and WiredScore programmes together set a new global standard and framework for Smart Buildings.

WiredScore focuses on better connected IT Physical infrastructure in the built environment whilst the SmartScore Smart Building framework is based on delivering an inspirational user experience; individual and collaborative productivity; and digital connectivity.

This helps provide a roadmap that organisations can follow through for new builds or refurbishment projects to achieve a broad range of outcomes: from understanding and benchmarking; to improving and promoting the world’s best-in-class Smart Buildings to deliver an exceptional experience for Landlords and Occupiers.

With this certification, Cordless helps to advise on Smart Building visioning, design, and project management implementation for:

  • The foundational requirements of Smart Building enablement
  • What creates great experiences: requirements at an outcome level
  • What drives tenant acquisition and retention at the best possible rates
  • Design decisions justified by realistic solution mapping and stakeholder expectations
  • Target level assessment and gap analysis
  • Collecting the right evidence to ensure strong scoring
  • Base standard expectations and technology mapping
  • Acquisition and retention goals
  • Smart Building design review
  • Definition of deliverable solutions that are supported by market leaders
  • Progression from opinion-based vision through to data-based reality

Got Smart Building ambitions?

If you’re thinking about your Smart Building strategy, we know from more than 25 years in the technology consultancy industry that there are many paths to success depending on your goals.

We’d love to help you on your Smart Building journey and turn your vision into reality. Say hello@cordless.co.uk