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Cordless provides Consultancy, Strategy, Design and Assurance for most low voltage building technologies including AV, ICT, BMS, Lighting, Smart and IoT. Our specialist skills teams work together as one holistic Digital Engineering Team bringing an efficient, broad and highly experienced capability for our projects, ensuring an integrated delivery for our clients.

Smart Buildings

In the hybrid data-driven world, we want our buildings to be responsive, adaptable, environmentally friendly and ready for anything. Building owners, operators, and occupiers know that by aligning the physical space with the digital, smart buildings can provide flexible, attractive, safer, sustainable, cost-effective and energy efficient spaces.

The smart buildings of tomorrow have a greater focus on the things that matter to the people in them. We strive to design immersive experiences in sustainable and comfortable building where people love to work.

Smart technology is already enabling innovation for occupiers all around us through amenity rich digitally cognitive environments for people to better work, live, play, enjoy and learn. The needs of the market for smart solutions have evolved.

There is greater demand for features which need to be considered at the core of any new development:

  • A tech solution to the new hybrid way of working
  • Frictionless access and touchless systems
  • Sustainability and waste management
  • Building automation and efficiency
  • Spatial intelligence and analytics
  • Behaviour mapping to daily experiences
  • Dynamic vertical transportation
  • Digitised service efficiency
  • In-building and local area community & services

But which smart technologies do we really need to attain a digitally equitable experience across different spaces and how do we best manage those spaces, even when we’re not in them?

Consider how a Smart Building works. In the background, technology integration, powered via a Unified Platform helps bring together and manage building services and facilities. In the foreground, spatial intelligence drives an automated, data-rich digital interface for the ultimate personal experience with wow factor. To deliver ROI, a Smart Building Strategy must join up all IT, AV and Building Security considerations to budget for and design the safe, futureproof and flexible building environments of tomorrow.

Cordless provides independent advice and guidance on building enablement through smart technology – so you can think smart for new or refurbished buildings or campus environments. Our SmartScore and WiredScore Accredited Professionals help Landlords and Occupiers to understand, benchmark, improve and promote the world’s best-in-class Smart Buildings experience through:

  • Digital Innovation workshops and strategy
  • Smart Building Benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Smart Technology Solution Design and Procurement
  • Smart Building Project Management
  • Smart Building Management and Data Analytics
  • Smart BAU Occupancy Management

Want to talk about the right balance of Smart, IT and AV for your real estate portfolio?

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