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Environmental Policy

 Business statement 

Cordless Consultants business is to provide our clients with exceptional technology design solutions and an excellent level of service. We aim to do this through a culture of creativity, innovation, knowledge and practicality. We work hard to infuse our environmental efforts with a similar spirit. We recognise the importance of the environment and the effect we can have on it, both as individuals within our own working environment and within our projects for clients. We understand that the product of our role as technology designers and consultants has a considerable impact on the environment. We are committed to the protection of the environment and recognise the importance of incorporating environmental issues into every day business decisions and activities. We believe that the effectiveness of our environmental approach is through a company culture that fundamentally believes that we can have less impact on the environment in the way that we behave and what we do.


Cordless Consultants recognises that the minimum acceptable level of environmental performance is that laid down by statutory legislation, regulation and approved codes of practice. In the absence of existing legislation and standards Cordless will follow accepted best practice and guidelines and where these are absent review and form our own policy


In particular, Cordless will seek in both its own operations and in its project activities to:

Health & well-being

Promote the health and well-being of staff through their working environment.


 Promote the efficient use of energy in an economical manner by promoting energy efficiency in operation.

Materials & waste

 Have regard for environmental issues in all purchased goods and services and promote the use of products and services of suppliers whose environmental policies are in accord with our own. Promote waste minimisation and reduce the environmental impact of waste through beneficial use, where practicable, or safe disposal where not.


To reduce the impact on the environment due to both business and commuter travel. Where possible we will endeavour to use public transport options in our day-to-day business

Commitment to prevention of pollution

We will endeavour to prevent pollution to air, land and water arising through our activities. Our standard Design Specifications place onus on manufacturers and suppliers to ensure they produce our designs in a responsible way.

Project briefing, design and implementation

We will promote positive environmental considerations through the application of reviewable standards, specifications and work practices for all project works including identifying environmental objectives clearly to the contractor and other design professionals.

Review Objectives

We will review our environmental objectives and targets annually and revise them as appropriate. We will develop and implement management plans to effect progressive improvement in our overall environmental performance with director level responsibility for the implementation, development and review of this policy.

Training of staff

Provide environmental training for appropriate staff and promote general awareness to all staff.


Cordless will openly communicate this environmental policy to staff, clients and other interested parties on request.

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